Cosmic Wheel Creamery lives at Turnip Rock Farm.  Our creamery is tied into our whole farm ecosystem.  Our 17 cows provide fertility for our Organic vegetable CSA and the whey leftover from cheese making provides a from-the-farm food source for our heritage pastured pigs.  We are working toward a truly sustainable farm that produces healthy, beautiful, and distinctive food.

Aged, Raw Milk, Natural Rind Cheeses
Antares - cows milk Manchego. Bold with a lingering piquant finish
Circle of the Sun - a taste of the farm. bright, herbal and grassy
Lyra - creamy, mild, and floral
Deneb - Gouda Style.  Milky with flavors of sweet grass and clover.
Moonshadow - Alpine style made when cows were eating hay in early Spring
Moonglow - Alpine style made when cows were eating from green pasture

Fresh Cheeses from Pasteurized Milk
fresh cheese curds
whole milk ricotta

We are excited to share our farmstead cheeses with you.  Our cows are milked seasonally and are 100% grass fed.  Each cheese is unique and handmade.  

Always available through
Turnip Rock CSA
Foxtail Farm Winter CSA
Shared Ground CSA
Steady Hand CSA
Mill City Farmers Market

Shipped to you or in store by:
Fromagination in Madison

Call for availablilty at
  Seward Co-op
Wedge Community Co-op
Linden Hills Co-op
Wedge and Wheel in Stillwater
France 44 Cheese Shop
GYST Fermentation Bar
Braise Milwaukee
Amery Farm Table
Canoe Bay

 If you are interested in purchasing or selling our cheese, please contact us.   We would be happy to ship a wheel to you.